We are facilitators of processes that lead to transformation. Our work supports people in creating value collectively and in distributing wealth generously. We aspire to a more prosperous world, where there is clarity, intentionality and where value flows in networks. 


We are the first Brazilian consultancy to support multi-stakeholder platforms, having begun our work more than a decade ago and since then having worked with more than 100 clients. 


For us, the lasting impact of any organization, be it for or not-for profit, is directly related to the levels of trust, dialogue and collaboration that the organization generates between people. We create spaces in which healthy relationships based on a shared objective can thrive as a result of trust and dialogue. 

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Who we are


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At Olab, we believe that effective collaboration can lead to transforming the world for the better. Collaboration improves problem solving, it brings people closer together, and it helps people learn from one another, through innovation and diversity. With the right structure, guidance and practice, collaboration is also something that we can learn to do better.


Trust is connection. Trust is relational, because it exists in the space between people. Trust is the basis for all transformational conversations. 


Dialogue is the place where different perspectives can meet and together form a new, shared vision of the landscape. Dialogue is an expansion of one’s field of vision. Dialogue is active listening, and intentional speaking. 


Impact is the lasting transformation of relationships. It is when relationships thrive because they are nourished by trust and dialogue. It is when someone says that between starting and ending a process we have facilitated, they feel that they have changed. 

What Guides our Work

How we create value


We work with networks, forums, alliances and roundtables that seek to co-create solutions for complex social and environmental challenges. We design and facilitate processes to create a common vision and to develop roadmaps to address issues relating to global food systems, agriculture and conservation. 

We create value by strengthening relationships of trust, providing clarity of purpose and supporting people and organizations to think and to act collectively. Clients with whom we partner for this work include: the Tropical Forest Alliance, the Cerrado Working Group, the Collaboration for Forests and Agriculture and the Roundtable for Responsible Soy.

Facilitamos o dialogo multi-stakeholder.

Some of our clients

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Grupo de Trabalho do Cerrado

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Fausto Amadigi

I am fascinated by human beings. My purpose is to increase people’s capacities to do meaningful things collectively. I facilitate processes through work that enables healthy relationships focussed on common objectives to flourish. The trustworthy environments of these relationships are what create long-lasting impact for organizations. I support individual and organizational development, as well as self-knowledge of leaders as a way of inspiring and cultivating people’s maximum potential. 

James Allen

Facilitator, mediator, dreamer. I work with partners to find long-lasting solutions to complex social and environmental issues, by hosting dialogues that help individuals and organizations to work together. I work with governments, companies from different sectors (agriculture, mining, construction, food), multilateral organizations, non-profits and academia. I am interested in the real-life challenges of facilitation - purpose, space, flow, form - as well as its more subtle arts.

Our team:


Consultores Associados_Cristiana_Martin.

I am fascinated by the finer mechanics of social interactions, and interested in questions around sustainability, ranging from the little choices we make on a daily basis to major global issues. It is in the meeting point between knowledge and methods from the social sciences that I find the inspiration to understand and explain relationships and interactions between human beings.

Cristiana Martin


My work looks into complex systems with a view to developing and implementing solutions that focus on the human being. I have been working with the development of local government and public policies, through the design and facilitation of forums that support greater dialogue and collaboration with the public sector. I am interested in the ways in which the practice of dialogue and collaboration can strengthen governments and international organizations. 

Jéssica Barcelos

Consultores Associados_Jessica_Oliveira.

I am an engineer who stepped into the world of management and facilitation, as I believe that problem solving goes hand-in-hand with people development and ever improving conversations. Although I still believe in tidy spreadsheets, I am always on the lookout for learning more about creativity and communication, through the facilitation of dialogue, harvesting, graphic recording and collaborative methodologies.

Jessica Oliveira

Consultores Associados_Lais_Faleiros.png

Being in contact with people and places is what fuels me. With every new day, I see an opportunity to learn. I graduated in public administration and my work is focussed on optimizing, simplifying and administering projects and businesses for impact.

Lais Faleiros


I am an agronomist with a Master’s degree in Forest Sciences from the University of São Paulo. For the last thirty years, my two main priorities have been forest restoration and self-knowledge. I have learnt that forests have their origins in the hearts of us humans and that it is there that the first seeds should be planted.

Lina Inglez

Consultores Associados_Odeir_Santos.png

I am a facilitator of rituals and creative processes; a chef who works with open fires; a social educator and community builder.

Odeir Santos

Consultores Associados_Reza_Shahcheraghi

I design new business strategies and implementation plans for a wide range of organizations, and facilitate the development of the new mindsets, skills and environments that are required to deliver these strategies. I have 15 years of experience in the private and social sectors as an entrepreneur and consultant.

Reza Shahcheraghi

Consultores Associados_Sergio_Souza.png

I believe in continuous learning throughout one’s life. I am motivated by the opportunity to help people and organizations in processes that involve the development of leaders and organizational culture, with a foundation in values.

Sergio Souza

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