We help companies and research institutes to be more creative in how they learn and disseminate knowledge. We like to apply both timeworn and modern technologies that enable people to learn in different ways. Our added value is in providing clarity about the essence of learning, by using guiding questions. Our clients include: Tufts University, Cargill, Agroicone, Imaflora and UNHCR. 

The Instituto Arapyaú invited Olab to support them to work with specialists in sustainable agriculture to collectively identify four models of agroforestry systems that could be applied to different ecosystems in the region where they operate. Olab was responsible for curating content, facilitation and drawing up a report of major findings from the workshop with specialists that involved ranking crops, and comparing agroforestry models for a variety of ecosystems. The project led to the establishment of new partnerships aimed at taking forward the opportunities that were identified collectively. 

In partnership with Impact Initiatives, Olab hired a team in Roraima state to gather and analyze data about migratory flows of Venezuelan refugees and immigrants who crossed the border into Brazil. Qualitative and quantitative data were gathered in a number of locations in the state, and in the city of Manaus, and the results were published in weekly reports with the aim of informing and guiding public policies at at the state, national and international levels, that seek to guarantee the protection of refugee and migratory communities. 

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