We create value for our clients by providing clarity and alignment about the core elements of the organization, a vision of the future, purpose and values. We support the design and implementation of programs to manage culture, with a view to ensuring that they are coherent with the organization’s essence and values. Clients with whom we have worked include: Alice, Volanty, Yuca, Gastromotiva, Rede Asta.

Loft is a Brazilian startup whose mission is to reinvent the real estate market in emerging economies. As with all companies that grow very quickly (from 0 to 450 employees in under two years in Loft’s case), the company is faced with the challenge of finding talent that matches the organization’s culture. During this period, Olab has been working with the founders and leadership team from Loft to develop a culture framework that includes processes to attract, select and develop talent. Values were translated into behavioural profiles relating to the fit&add of Loft’s culture, and processes were established to attract and select talent and train the teams who were responsible for doing so. 

Mimic is a company from the food services sector which provides complete solutions for food delivery. When the company started, the founding team was still getting to know one another and called Olab to help them to collectively align about the organization’s soul. In this project, we facilitated immersive experiences with the founders that involved conversations about the company’s vision, purpose and values. The major output from this project was the company’s manifesto which was then turned into a series of objectives and targets for the year to come. 


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