We work with networks, forums, alliances and roundtables that seek to co-create solutions for complex social and environmental challenges. We design and facilitate processes to create a common vision and to develop roadmaps to address issues relating to global food systems, agriculture and conservation. 

We create value by strengthening relationships of trust, providing clarity of purpose and supporting people and organizations to think and to act collectively. Clients with whom we partner for this work include: the Tropical Forest Alliance, the Cerrado Working Group, the Collaboration for Forests and Agriculture and the Roundtable for Responsible Soy.

The Cerrado Working Group (Grupo de Trabalho do Cerrado - GTC) is a multistakeholder forum where the major actors Brazil discuss strategies to remove deforestation from the soy value chain. The GTC invited Olab to moderate the group’s meetings with a view to support the collective design of a roadmap to reach an agreement on deforestation and soy in the biome. The Olab team has been responsible for designing and facilitating the meetings of the GTC and for working in parallel with all stakeholders to co-construct intelligent and long-lasting solutions for Brazilian agriculture. 

The Round Table for Responsible Soy Association is a certifying body, as well as the main platform for inter-sectoral dialogue for the global value chain for soy. Since 2015, Olab has partnered RTRS in the design, facilitation and reporting of their annual conference, which brings together some 200 leaders to discuss the most critical social and environmental issues on soy. Olab’s role is to create the space and conditions by means of which the most important conversations on responsible soy can take place in a spirit of open inquiry and mutual exchange. Olab has been responsible for the curation of content for the conferences, moderating debates, and communicating the principal results of the dialogue. 

Grupo de Trabalho do Cerrado

The Collaboration for Forests and Agriculture



Case 2:

The Round Table for Responsible Soy Association (RTRS)

We facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue

Case 1:

Cerrado Working Group - GTC

Facilitamos o dialogo multi-stakeholder.