We generate value by developing leaders who practice self-knowledge as a pathway that can inspire, nurture and help an individual and teams to reach their full potential. We create experiences for individuals and groups, in a spirit of peer learning and team building. Clients with whom we have shared these pathways include:  IACA, Loft, Mimic, StopClub.

Gastromotiva is an impact organization whose mission is to promote inclusion through social gastronomy. To achieve its aim of changing the world, Gastromotiva is in constant movement, including international expansion. During this time, the challenge is to keep the team and leadership aligned and updated in light of the organization’s growth, thereby leveraging its potential to impact positively on society. In this project, Olab was responsible for facilitating peer learning circles that aimed to accelerate the development of leaders and teams. The outcome of the project was teams that were more cohese and leaders with a greater capacity for management and with the skill set required to live and breath the organization’s culture. 

Loft is a Brazilian startup whose mission is to reinvent the real estate market in emerging economies. The company’s growth since its founding has been exponential, with a core group of leaders who are young and non-conformist. In less than a year, the company already had 300 employees, making management more complex and making it necessary to draw up basic agreements about leadership and the development of talent. In partnership with the People team, Olab facilitated a process aimed at the co-construction of Leadership Principles, engaging more than 80 leaders in workshops and offsites. 



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